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Whether I’m working with an organization or talking with friends, the underlying question always seems to be the same --- how do I make my workplace what I want it to be? 15 years ago, I left industry for academics to help to explore and offer pragmatic answers to that question.

Making Your Work Life What You Want it to Be



"Dr. Leah OH was engaging and left all attendees feeling seen and validated for the hard work that they do."

Michigan Society of Healthcare Planning and Marketing


Hi, I'm Dr. Leah OH

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Dr. Leah OH is the host of The Communicative Leader Podcast and the author of several books & research papers. 

I’m a leadership communication expert and a professor of organizational communication. I’ve written books, articles, and chapters on leadership communication, workgroup relationships, and team dynamics. I've presented my research worldwide.

After years of teaching and researching, I am excited to share some tips that I’ve picked up along the way. Guess what? I use these tips too! I'm there with you my friends, navigating complex and sometimes maddening organizations, but we'll walk this walk together, having some fun along the way.


Communication-rooted, evidence-based solutions for the most common organizational headaches.

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