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Best Practices for Navigating Conflict

Whether you lean into conflict or tend to run from it, these communication-rooted tips will help you when disagreements or misunderstandings pop up.

What are some evidence-based suggestions?

  • Address conflict promptly. The longer we let things “marinate” the more likely we give the impression the conflict is resolved when it’s not and the more likely that one or both parties will feel disrespected or undervalued.

  • Chat face to face if possible. Why? Face to face communication allows for nonverbals. Facial expressions and tone go a long way in conveying empathy and sincerity.

  • Focus on the issue, not the person. This can be challenging, especially if the root of the conflict is with someone we tend to disagree with. This isn’t about them, it is about the decision or discussion on the table.

  • Use I statements: This is one of our favorite go-to communication tips on The Communicative Leader. Why? It allows you to express your feelings without placing blame or guilt on another.

Interested in learning more about how to navigate conflict?

Listen here:

Until next time, communicate with purpose and

lead with intention.


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