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Conflict isn’t Good or Bad. Conflict is Neutral.

Conflict is a normal part of life, including organizational life.

Many cringe when they hear the word “conflict.” Why? We’ve all had interactions in the past that have escalated in unexpected or hurtful ways.

But it’s important to remember that conflict isn’t necessarily good and conflict isn’t necessarily bad. Conflict is neutral. The way we approach the conflict is often what can translate into positive or negative outcomes.

Conflict can actually be a positive sign in organizations. Why? It means our people are engaged, they care, and they are willing to engage in spirited discussion to arrive at the best outcome. But again, if this isn’t done well then conflict can grow legs and attach itself to other workgroup interactions.

What do I want you to consider?

Assertiveness + Cooperation

When we are overly assertive to the point of competing, that often means that we’ve lost sight of working collaboratively with our peers or our team. And of course the opposite is true: when we are overly flexible and accommodating, our own thoughts and preferences may be overlooked.

In this week’s episode of The Communicative Leader, we look at conflict styles and consider when each is helpful. We also dive into best practices for navigating conflict and think about how common workgroup relationships may result in conflict from time to time.

Listen here:

Until next time, communicate with purpose and

lead with intention.


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