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I Feel….Heard, Validated, Seen

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

I statements are magic.

Overstatement? I don’t think so.

I statements are an employee’s and a leader’s best friend.

What is an I statement? An I statement is a respectful, responsible, and safe way of articulating how you feel. This may also include how you felt in a given workplace situation, such as a meeting that went wonky, or how someone has made you feel.

What goes into an I statement?

1. I feel……I statements begin with the speaker naming their emotion. I statements may also include descriptors of the situation in question. For example, “I feel frustrated when you speak over me in meetings.”

2. Explanation optional. While it may help to explain why you are feeling a specific feeling, it is not required. We don’t have to explain that feeling frustrated when being spoken over reminds you of being unheard as a child. That’s yours…unless you want to share it. Point being, simply stating your feelings from your point of view (I) as opposed to putting the focus on the other’s behavior (“You behaved badly in that meeting!”) allows you to address challenges as a leader and advocate for yourself.

In our episode on Leading Well, we dive head first into I statements. Check it out here:

Until next time, communicate with purpose and

lead with intention.


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