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Managers? Leaders? Oh My!

Many people use the terms leader and manager interchangeable.

Because these are synonyms, right?


Managers and leaders serve different, but essential roles, in organizations. Without managers, an organization will crumple under the complexity of all of its moving parts.

Without leaders, an organization will stagnate.

So how do managers and leaders both serve organizations?

Managers cope with change. Leaders cope with complexity.

Alright, alright I’ll give you a little more….

So how do managers cope with complexity?

1. Planning and budgeting

2. Organizing and staffing

3. Controlling and problem solving

And what about our leaders? What do these change agents do in organizations to keep them evolving, remaining relevant?

1. Setting a Direction

2. Aligning people

3. Motivating and Inspiring

Interested in learning more? Check out The Communicative Leader episode where we talk about how these organizational members are similar, how they are different, and why we need them both.

Until next time, communicate with purpose and

lead with intention.


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