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Power Isn't a Dirty Word

Okay, I said it. Power isn’t a dirty word.

What is?

The ABUSE of power.

What we’re going to think about this week is the intrinsic link between leadership and power.

Power can exist without leadership, but leadership does not exist without power.

How so?

Well, toddlers can throw pretty epic tantrums and they are 100% in charge in that moment as you’re frantically trying to run them out of the store…but are they really leading?

Titled leaders have formal power integrated into their role, but they also have loads of informal power too. Like what?

  • Praising employees

  • Recognizing someone’s hard work

  • Integrating employees into projects that will help them grow professionally

  • Introducing employees to new people

Want to learn more? On this week’s episode of The Communicative Leader, we look at traditional sources of power, how we all view power a bit differently, and consider what asserting power or influence looks like from the leader role, but also from the follower role.

Until next time, communicate with purpose and

lead with intention.


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