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Respectful. Responsible. Safe.

First question: Are you leading?
Second question: Are you leading well?

Ohhhh these are biggies. These are not only big questions and hard questions, but essential ones.

So let’s simplify this.

Being a leader means a steadfast commitment to communicating verbally and non-verbally in ways that are respectful, responsible, and safe.

Sure, sure. Easy, right? Not even sure why you’re reading this right now, kinda easy, huh?

Well, have you accidently used gendered-language to address a group, something like “hey guys?”

Maybe you granted professional development funds to an employee who asked, but didn’t think to announce it to the group?

And finally, maybe that employee’s idea was a bit unorthodox (or downright bonkers) but was a quick laugh okay?

I get it. These things happen. And what’s hardest of all? These communicative reactions happen so quickly we often are unaware of them until the words have slipped out of our mouth.

In this episode of The Communicative Leader, we will consider effective and ethical leadership by parceling out communication behaviors that are respectful, responsible, and safe.

We’ll also look at four “support beams” that formal leaders (and parents, club/community leaders) can put in place to create an environment that is at once both a safety net and a springboard.

Until next time, communicate with purpose and

lead with intention.


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